New media big data analysis platform

Focus on global media dynamics keep track of hot social news


  • Acquire data in real-time

    800+ mainstream news client
    Billions of global mainstream social media accounts

  • Data analysis

    Supported by data governance & management platform
    Intelligent analysis of media data

  • ata Visualization

    Visualization tool based on YeeSight datamap
    Supported by data governance & management platform

  • Customization

    Customize keywords to be retrieved at your will
    Customize management of multiple important accounts

  • Data retrieval

    Comprehensive retrieval with multiple criteria
    Automatic sorting of news articles by clicks & time
    Browse hot source articles by a simple touch
  • New media analysis

    All-round & multi-dimensional analysis on specific events and media impact
    Show event trend in diagram
  • Personalized analysis

    Follow various media
    Customize the management for important accounts
    Search data of followed accounts in real-time
  • New media analysis

    View topic info in real-time
    Track with source of hot articles on UGC we media
  • Media dynamics management

    Publish & track important news at client side
    Grasp the public opinion & trend of media
  • Benchmarking of important accounts

    Customized Key Accounts
    Top Media Mentions