Big Data Monitoring Platform

Business info monitoring | Public sentiment monitoring | Intelligent Report

Powerful data acquisition capabilities, media intelligence coverage worldwide

  • Big Data Monitoring Platform

  • YeeSight cross-language search engine

  • Cross-language semantic analysis

  • Mass data/real-time data


Supported by billions of professional corpus entries, get global info via different languages

100 million service requests/day 2 billion words translated/day 3 million articles translated/day32 languages

44 billion+ sentence pairs vs Ultra-large-scale parallel corpusQuality of Chinese-English, Chinese-Portuguese machine translation


Retrieve and focus on the monitored object

Latest policy, industry hot spotCompetitor dynamics, overseas voicesSentiment preference, historical retrospection

Daily brief, autonomous monitoring

Professional public sentiment 3 times dailyView report content by subjectFull coverage of info source

Automatic judgment of sentiment valuelert timely on negative events


Globalization of data sourceBased on YeeSight data acquisition & processing platformAcquire news from 200+ countries/regions

Crosss-language searchHundreds of millions of professional corpus, cross-language Get media info via different languages

Real-time dataReal-time data API incorporates 4 engines News social data update in seconds

Be lightweightFlexible submit of various brief reports Intuitive overview of different information


Public sentiment monitoringMonitor associated events based on agent setting Judge the negative voices of Internet media automatically by machine

Business info monitoringDetect industry's latest info and development of competitors

Intelligent ReportSend brief report on a daily, weekly and monthly